NLP Open Courses

The open courses we normally run are:

NLP Core Skills Seminar (2 days)

NLP (INLPTA) Diploma Course (4 days)
including the NLP Core Skills seminar

NLP (INLPTA) Coaching Diploma Course (6 days)
including the NLP Diploma Course

NLP (INLPTA) Coach Practitioner Course

NLP (INLPTA) Practitioner Course
including the NLP Diploma Course

NLP (INLPTA) Master Practitioner Course

Self-Hypnosis Seminar (2 days)

Words That Change Minds (LAB Profile) Course plus LAB Profile Practitioner Certification Day

The Language of Influence: Ericksonian Language Patterns & Hypnosis Course (4 days)

and occasionally

Open Evenings and Talks

One-day Conference (not scheduled)

Master Your Life Seminar (not scheduled)



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NLP Practitioner Course
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