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NLP Coaching Diploma Course accredited through INLPTA



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6-day course over three modules.  It includes the NLP Diploma Course (the first two modules).
Learn tangible, practical, fundamental skills for coaching with integrity
Learn powerful coaching skills to incorporate into your profession
Gain a solid foundation for being a professional Coach
Help family, friends and colleagues resolve difficulties and achieve excellence
Deal with your own issues and fulfil your potential
This course provides a comprehensive foundation in coaching based on NLP skills, attitudes and techniques.
This is for you if you coach or want to coach as part of your work e.g. as a manager, leader, consultant, trainer or health professional. It is also highly relevant if you want to start or develop a career in coaching. Additionally you’ll be able to apply these skills in numerous other ways including your for your personal growth and for enhancing the quality of your communication in areas such as personal relationships and business.
Learn how to:

Use the ‘Four Core Coaching Questions’.

Structure and sequence a coaching session.

Coach for Performance and Transformation – the fundamentals.

Coach over the telephone.

Generate ‘Possibility Thinking’.

Overcome blockages with Solution-Focused questioning.

Gain better rapport with anyone.

Create goals that are truly valuable, motivating and achievable.

Implement Planning and Action.

Better understand others and yourself.

Give feedback positively and constructively.

Assist people to be more resourceful.

Change habits and overcome negative feelings.

Generate and learn new behaviours.

Avoid words that create limiting mind-sets.

Deal with negative self-talk and help people transform their ‘Inner Critic’.

Discover how individuals structure time and how to use their time-line to make their goals more compelling.

Enhance self-esteem.

Apply the NLP ‘Keys to Success’.

Use the NLP Model of Communication.
Format: This course takes place over three 2-day modules.  

Next Dates:  
Mod. 1: (sorry, non scheduled)
Mod. 2:
Mod. 3:

Venue:          Crich, Derbyshire

Investment for the complete six days:
Employer Sponsored £835
Self-financing reduced rate £460

Money-Back Guarantee of Satisfaction: if, after attending the first two modules, you were to be dissatisfied, let us know before the final module and we will refund all moneys paid in full.
Certification: Certification as an ‘NLP Coach’ is accredited through INLPTA (and is dependant upon reaching a satisfactory level of behavioural competence). (INLPTA: the International NLP Trainer’s Association.) Completion of this course will also provide you with our NLP Coaching Diploma, endorsed by the Professional Guild of NLP.
(This course includes our NLP Diploma Course which also contributes towards our NLP Practitioner Certification course.)
Entry Requirements: None (however you need to attend the modules in sequence.)
Previous NLP Experience? If you are already an
INLPTA certified NLP Practitioner or equivalent, you can attend the first two modules at half price or attend the third module only. Please enquire.
For those who are already NLP Practitioners, the last module of this NLP Coaching Diploma Course also leads into our ‘NLP Coach Practitioner’ course.
“Life changing experience … Cannot now imagine coaching without NLP techniques … Many thanks for your excellent facilitating style and humour. ”
Kris Woodcock, Ex-Teacher, Coach
"Immensely practical course ... It has changed the way I will coach staff at work. It will also be most useful in my role as company mediator and counsellor."
Malcolm Round,
Local Government Office
"Excellent course. This has given me my life back on a personal and business level. … Has helped my self-belief and to look objectively at how I can continually improve my practice to add depth to my business interventions and to be more patient with my daughters."
Tracey Pepper,
Management Consultant   
“Everything about this course has been and or will be beneficial in both my private and
professional life.”
Gerda Dahlem, Lecturer
“Has stimulated me to see how I could pull
together a wide range of existing skills (incl. some NLP!) into a coaching ‘package’.”
David Comisky
"Enlightening and professionally delivered and supported. An invigorating, challenging and insightful experience and way of considering life coaching. Highly recommended."
Malcolm Fender, Trainer (NLP Master Practitioner)

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