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Here you can read what previous participants have to say about the:

NLP Core Skills Seminar

NLP Diploma Course

NLP Practitioner Course

NLP Master Practitioner Course


NLP Core Skills Seminar


"Lots of excellent ideas and techniques. Quite fascinating".

Helena Somerfield, Buyer.


"Excellent, enlightening, stimulating."



"Informative, stimulating, relatively informal, powerful techniques. The whole thing had a 200% rating from me."

Psychology Lecturer


"This is my second training, I got my outcome. I fly 8,000 miles to attend this training. Need I say more?"

R.H. Wiwoho, Doctor


"Brilliant. Thoroughly enjoyable and very useful to me both personally and professionally."

Development Trainer


"Franks style was excellent. Course had a major impact on me emotionally."

Alison Underwood, NHS Manager


"A very good introduction that allowed me to practise things I had read about. It would also have worked well if I had not known anything about NLP.”

Chris Burgess, Trainer


"I was very surprised at how much from Day 1 I had absorbed overnight and was able to use so quickly.”

Jan Watson, Personal Assistant


"Frank and NLP helped me to make the 'Quantum Leap in personal growth and effectiveness."

City Council Trainer


"I found the training stimulating and rewarding. Although I listened to some of the material previously on audio tapes, I never seemed to be able to put it into practise. Now I know I will be able to.”

Ian Flood, Chartered Engineer


NLP Diploma Course


“Again an excellent weekend [Module 2], if anything even better than the first given my growing familiarity with the topic. Again the instruction was informative and moved at a nice pace allowing sufficient comprehension time. I had a few more of those "light-bulb moments" I would imagine common when learning NLP. Specifically, despite my initial reticence, with regard to Timelines! Also I have been using the Daily Success Journal religiously and find it useful for setting and reviewing Outcomes, specifically out of work!”     

Greg Woodfield, PDQ/Centresoft Ltd  


"Mind expanding tools to change ideals, perceptions, habits. The course has changed my life already and the choice of self change is infinite.”

Ann Penny, Scheme Manager


"Stimulating, Stretching, Fun, Inspiring. An opportunity to learn and experience new skills and ideas. Very enjoyable".

Kate Harvey, Counsellor/Trainer/Therapist


"Due to the fun environment I felt at ease pushing my comfort zone out further and further".

David Rowe, Retail Supervisor


"Great. Liked the relaxed style. Enjoyed energisers and exercises.”

Ghislaine Tibbs, IT Training Manager


"Frank was relaxed and knowledgeable trainer, and assistants were helpful. Ideas were presented well with lots of opportunities for experiential work. Thanks for a rewarding and enjoyable course.”

Alicia Helps, Educational Psychologist


"Excellent - enjoyable. I like the way you use humour in your training.”

Andy Sumpter, Social Worker


"Excellent seminar, very friendly helpful staff.”

Phillip Blackmore, IT Trainer (Police)


"I feel refreshed and enthused"

Pippa Charter


"Well structured, interesting, clean and well presented and full of energy. A very enjoyable and valuable learning experience.”

Debbie Maxwell, Stress Management


"Very enjoyable. Loads of experiential exercises - Love it.”

Vauna Urmson


NLP Practitioner Course


"This is the best course I have ever attended. It has changed my life.”

Fiona Hodges, Knowledge Manager (Post Office)


"I have recommended this course to other friends and colleagues as it is life changing".

Joy Nicholson, Therapist/Lecturer


"This is a fantastic course. All the trainers wanted us to succeed! This course has made a huge positive impact on my career."

Karen Sutton, Training Manager


"This is the best single piece of training I have ever undertaken, it has changed my life in so may ways, given me flexibility and self confidence and I've had fun, lost weight and become fitter. Thank you so much."

Jennifer Joy Matthews, University Lecturer


"The course has changed my life"

Ian Northcott, Police Officer


"I attend a lot of training courses in my work and without hesitation I can say that this has been the best. Every weekend has been energising, empowering, informative and enormous fun. Every weekend has surpassed my expectations. A master of excellence."

Andy Sumpter, Social Worker


"I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and found the content absolutely fascinating. I have found the leaning to be cumulative, moving from an initial state of confusion to gradually clicking into place. I attended as much through interest and fascination as anything else, with no real expectation of major life changes. However, the tools are very powerful and almost before I knew it I was taking action."

Anne Marrison, Training Sales


“This course has made a huge impression on me in all ways: personal and professional.  I was aware that others I know had found it a life-changing experience – and, indeed, so have I.  FDA was particularly recommended to me by several independent contacts – I have enjoyed and valued Frank’s detailed approach and, the opportunity to practise and link learning carefully and at a pace where I could build confidence.  The styles (Frank’s and co-trainers) have been fun and creative.  Feedback has been excellent in terms of content and level (and encouragement!) for me.  I have learnt many techniques to manage my stress/challenges which have improved already.  I have also begun to think differently about how I approach work and what I am helping my learners and clients to do.  As a result I feel I have arrived (climbed?) to a new level and can see more opportunities to do new things and do things differently.

The best thing is that I know this is just the beginning – and I look forward to more learning, both formal and informal.

Thank you!  It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve taken: no wonder FDA is recommended.”

Pippa Bogle, Consultant – The Bogle Consultancy


“I have enjoyed the experience and have made more personal development than I hoped for.  The result exceeds my expectation. I have been stretched and at completion felt great pride and satisfaction.”

Steve Brown, Radiographer


“Excellent course, which I’m already using in my work as a coach, and to good effect if feedback from clients to be believed.  Has also impacted on my private life, helping me understand and change some of my reactions to events and people.  Experiential learning is much, much more effective for me than any other method.  Far superior to mix of distance and classroom learning offered by some other NLP training organisations.

Both the trainers and the various assistants were there for us and gave generously of their time, not just during training sessions.  All clearly wanted the whole group to succeed in becoming NLP Practitioners.”

Chrissie Bedwin – Management Consultant and Coach


“I will miss my monthly ‘fix’ of NLP challenging, enlightening and always, always uplifting and motivating. Such a joy to be with a great bunch of people all of whom were so open, flexible and willing to give of themselves. In so doing we helped one another to learn and to grow and developed a rapport and trust, the likes of which I have never known before, in any team. I will treasure this always. I have learnt so much about myself. My motivating  beliefs, self talk and limiting beliefs. Some of this I knew already but what I have never known is how to improve and change this. Techniques that are simple, elegant and stunningly effective. Thank you, thank you, thank you Frank, you’re a star!”

Malcolm Round, Manager, Nottingham City Council.


“I first started, wondering if I would be able to understand NLP. With the style of coaching you use, I have been able to grasp your teaching and use it, sometimes clumsily, however, I still achieve what I set out to do using NLP. ... I have learnt to understand how to achieve whatever I feel is important to me. You have helped change my thoughts, and be in control on my own life. I can now recognise vast amounts of information from other people (VAK) and use this in my occupation, and entire way of life, including how to coach and help others. I believe this knowledge helps on a complete holistic way (internal balance, despite outside influence), and helps on a physical and spiritual enlightened path. My complete thanks”.

Brian Salvin, Fitted Furniture Designer and Sales


“Very effective course. I am an even better mother, wife, daughter and friend. Life is now fun and I have accessed a true sense of happiness. I first came here to gain new resources for use in business. I never expected to see and feel such a positive shift in me at identity and belief level. I really enjoyed the fun, focused and supportive environment created by Frank and team. Well worth the money, time and effort and travel. I would change nothing.”

Zoe Cooper, Company Director, Training and Development


"I have learned more about myself than I would have believed possible."

Rosemary Lux, Trainer & Psychotherapist


"I increased my sales threefold."

Chris Coop, Direct Salesman


"The Practitioner Course has been invaluable. It has been, and is, of immense benefit in enhancing my ability to communicate to others on a professional, personal and social basis."

Brian Gibbons, Director, Training Consultancy


"I have enjoyed myself more than I thought possible and the amount I have learnt and continue to learn is immeasurable."

Marian Wright, Counsellor


"Thanks for the fantastic learning experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the seminars and the material covered on the course. This combined with the help and support of the group, the assistants and yourself Frank, went to make the course worth every penny."

Mohammed Karolia, Social Services Management.


"The course will be an adventure for anyone with an open mind and a willingness to try new things; they may be assured it is handled, both professionally and personally, with excellence."

David Jones


"The material was presented and coached with integrity and care. My initial reason for attending the course was to help others with managing personal change. I soon realised that I could not achieve this without changing myself first. The project was an invaluable opportunity to integrate NLP into my daily life.”

Bob Jones, Business Consultant


"I have never been through any experience which has enhanced my life so much.”

Andy Solecki, Intranet Developer


"For those that want to discover their potential and then to pursue its achievement, this is the programme for you. If you allow it, it can be life changing."

Philip Wilkes, Principal Consultant Manager



NLP Master Practitioner Course


“[As a result of the Master Practitioner Course] there has been a change in the very fibre of my being.  This has been helped by the emphasis of the course on personal evolutionary change … My teaching ability has improved enormously and that’s resulted in more students, which means more income which has led to having my own house … Life is joyful and friends and family have commented on how much I’ve changed … My deep and special relationships are even better!”

Mike McCarthy Martial Arts teacher


“The Master Practitioner Course has been, for me, an exciting experiential journey which has brought me to a point where I can do more than I ever thought was possible. I have been enabled to integrate my previous NLP learnings into a way of being that I am totally comfortable with, and have clarified my life's vision and purpose - which now guides all that I do. It has been wonderful to take part in a course which has so fully supported my personal development and given me such insight into the impact I have on others and the many ways that I can make a difference in the world. I have gained confidence, self-awareness and a passion to continue on my own personal journey with commitment and enthusiasm.

The standard of the training has been of the highest quality and delivered to a consistently high standard. I have really appreciated the opportunity to practice in a safe environment that has allowed me to take risks, make mistakes and learn even more as a result of this. Despite my initial panic at the thought of having to do a modelling project, I found the process to be extremely interesting and useful - I look forward to developing my skills in this area in the course of my work with teachers, as I see tremendous potential in modelling how effective teachers 'do what they do' and then passing on their models to other teachers.

The only thing that I think could improve the course would be a more suitable venue - the training room is fine, but it was sometimes difficult to find a suitable space to carry out pair exercises (this was not such an issue when the weather was fine and we could go outside).

Janice Graham


“I gained a great deal from the course. Frank has a considerable knowledge of all aspects of NLP and presents them in a structured way that allowed me to develop my understanding and knowledge. I felt that during the course I discovered a lot of new things about myself and enjoyed new experiences, especially developing my realisation of Meta thoughts and feelings. I was also impressed with the trainers who assisted on the Words That Change Minds weekend, and by Katrina who guided me through the exercise of discovering my core state. One of the main things I have gained from this course that I have not experienced after other courses is the lasting effect. I am continuing to notice that I am aware of my thoughts and feelings and discovering how to take control of what I want to achieve and how I can use the changes I am developing when relating to others”.

Cathy Sutcliffe, Quality and Environment Manager


“I have evolved through the training and am now in touch with my Masterly behaviour, values and transpersonal identity, more so, this time has been invaluable in different times. I have enjoyed this course”.

Joy Nicholson, Therapist and Author







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