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NLP Diploma Course accredited through INLPTA



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This four-day course over two modules provides a thorough foundation in NLP skills and techniques for use in personal growth and development and for enhancing the quality of your communication.
Previous participants are using these skills in
areas such as coaching, management, social work, training, counselling, sales, teaching, parenting and consulting, as well as for enhancing their personal lives. It is run according to INLPTA (the International NLP Trainers Association) standards.
What you will learn:
Module 1 (the NLP Core Skills seminar)
you will learn how to:

Relate to other people better

Be resourceful and generate states of excellence, such as confidence, calmness or enthusiasm

Think and plan like the most successful people

Create outcomes you really want and make them achievable

Overcome negative feelings and habits

Find out what others want

Know how others are thinking

Learn new behaviours in an ongoing way

Generate new options and self-esteem
Module 2 you will learn how to:

Take on the traits of the most successful people – the NLP Keys to Success

Deal with negative self-talk and ‘make friends’ with your ‘Inner Critic’

Understand the reactions of others better through fine tuning your senses

Give feedback positively and constructively  

Use Performance Coaching skills

Be able to choose your emotions with the Mind-Body connection

Avoid words that create limiting mind-sets

Turn problems into outcomes that are valuable and tangible

Be more flexible in your thinking – move between the big picture and the practical details (a key element of outcome setting and negotiation)

Make goals more compelling and manage time better - discover how you and others structure time and how to use and change Timelines

Solve problems and creatively generate new options
Entry Requirements: None (however, you need to
attend Module 1 before Module 2)
Venue: Crich, Derbyshire
Next Dates: (sorry, non scheduled)
Investment:  Employer Sponsored rate   £550
Self-financing reduced rate   £300
Money-Back Guarantee of Satisfaction
If you were to be dissatisfied with the course, let us know within 30 days of attending and we will refund all moneys paid in full.
On completing this course you will be granted an INLPTA Diploma in NLP. INLPTA is an organisation established on five continents seeking to maintain the standards of training in NLP. As an INLPTA organisation we are bound by their code of ethics and quality control.
You will also receive our own certificate with endorsement from The Professional Guild of NLP.
The NLP Diploma Course forms the first 4 days of the 6-day
NLP Coaching Diploma Course (1 more module completes it) and the first 4 days of our full (21 day) NLP Practitioner Course.

The NLP Diploma Course takes place over two modules. Module 1 is the NLP Core Skills seminar.

To view/download a 2 page PDF flier about Module 2 of the course, please click the link:



To receive more information or to talk to Frank Daniels in person, please get in touch by telephoning 0845 226 9088 or by email.

NLP Diploma Course Flier

"Mind expanding tools to change ideals, perceptions, habits. The course has changed my life already and the choice of self change is infinite.”
Ann Penny, Scheme Manager

"NLP has ‘opened my eyes' to the vast opportunities
I have within me and around me to grow and enhance my life".
Dawn Hopkinson, Head of Incl-usive Learning, Derby Adult Ed.

"I was very cynical about this on day one but now I really believe that I can use some simple techniques to really change my life experience for the better."
Sue Statter,
Management Consultant

"Enjoyed especially: Frank's presentation, sense of humour and his explanation and anecdotes;  Atmosphere of respect/honour of clients/course participants stories/ details/questions.”
Tim Jennings,
Family Therapist

“I have enjoyed the ‘common sense’ approach of NLP. I will be able to use ... the techniques both professionally and personally.”
Margaret Freeman, Customer Services Manager

"Very enjoyable. Loads of experiential exercises - Love it.”
Vauna Urmson, Therapist

“Very interactive, thorough course, covered a lot of useful ground, very enjoyable and genuinely useful. Can’t fault content, support materials or style of delivery. Frank makes learning easy!”
Anne Biddle, Sales Performance Coach, GlaxoSmithKlin
What further previous participants have thought of this course is here: here: Testimonials


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