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Uncontrollable Shaking (problem of 30 years)

“Dear Frank,

I write to thank you for providing some life changing experiences. You changed the way I think about so many things. You searched in a very respectful way into my inner mind and subtly planted or taught me how to react in different ways to the problem I came to you with. Sometimes I maybe appeared sceptical but when those times appeared you always knew how to respond and in an instant my thoughts changed. You brought out deep innermost fears and concerns and in a most unnoticeable way taught my unconscious mind how I could change thoughts about the fears and ways of controlling my response to those fears and replacing negative thoughts with new more positive thoughts that really I had never been shown. After really quite a small number of sessions I started to realise things could be different but more importantly how it was possible to achieve them until a point came where I couldn't see the point of continuing. I would have liked to go on with this sort of therapy for ever, the human mind is programmable and I understand that many of the reactions we have physically are the result of wrong programming.

I came to you with a problem with shaking quite severely in certain situations that my mind had determined was how my body should react. The response escalated and became worse as the fear of the shaking developed. This problem I must stress I had had for over 30 years so appeared an irreversible problem to me. I had tried medication and all sorts of self-help techniques, all temporary fixes which ultimately failed.  Despite all this you showed me using hypnosis and suggestion how to control the problem in different ways. You said that you had not dealt with this particular problem before and therefore everything appeared to be trial and error. During each of the sessions you attacked starting to investigate the cause using hypnosis, showed me how the mind can work and gave me various exercises to carry out until I'd virtually worked out unconsciously how I could solve the problem myself. From avoiding carrying a tray full of drinks through a crowded pub I reported to you that I had carried out that task without problem several times. Since closing our sessions I have further improved and feel stronger all the time and continue to work on the issues we talked about.

Many of the thoughts that you placed in me I recall naturally or use them to replace negative thoughts and I am sure I will never forget. You made me realise how I could react differently to many day to day events. Once I saw some successes these successes accelerated and replaced old habits quite naturally. I am not sure if I will see you again or not, but it doesn't matter, the new techniques/habits I think are almost a part of me in one way and I would recommend you and hypnotherapy/ NLP to anyone. Very many thanks for everything.”

Yours sincerely

Stephen Hodgson, Notts.  June 06

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Fear of Cold Calling

“Frank Daniels helped me to overcome my fear of cold calling, an essential part of my new business.  He treated me with respect and was very kind and patient.  I am now prepared to make those calls and have increased my profits. Thank you.”

 Justine Nettleton, April 06




(After one session)

“Many thanks for your help last week. You know what? I don’t eat that crap anymore!! Amazing! Awesome work.”

Miriam George, July 2005


Fear of Heights

[Following one session of about 1½ hrs for fear of heights, the day before going on a holiday which included coach tours up high mountain switch-back roads.] 

"I've just come back from my holiday. Our session was a great success and I had a very good holiday. We did an excursion to Europe's highest waterfall and I enjoyed looking down from 300 meters. I'd never have enjoyed that before. I also went up a mountain on a chair lift! Many thanks!"

David Bowers, Company Director,  July 08

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