Frank Daniels

Learn Self-Hypnosis

Gain Powerful Methods To Harness Your Mind To

Be Happier, Healthier, Even Wealthier!

A 2-Day Workshop

Hypnosis is ...

a relaxing and enjoyable state similar to daydreaming, whilst remaining fully in control.

Self-Hypnosis is a perfectly natural and safe way to deliberately enter this altered state of awareness to make use of the power of your subconscious mind.

On this practical training you will learn this most powerful tool for changing your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.


The Simplest Way to Learn Self-Hypnosis

Learn to do Self-Hypnosis by the most effective method: by being hypnotised by an expert to be able to hypnotise yourself!

You’ll be guided in a clear step-by-step way to achieve a hypnotic state and then taught the best methods to use in hypnosis to overcome difficulties and accomplish the results you want in your life.


In this highly practical workshop you will learn:
how to go in and out of hypnosis when and where you want to
how to deepen trance
the 7 ‘Operating Principles of the Mind’
how to structure suggestions for your particular purpose
how to use both direct and indirect suggestions
The best use of post-hypnotic suggestions
how to change attitudes and beliefs around topics such as money, success, love and health
how to use visualisation
how to use core NLP techniques within self-hypnosis
how to make your own ‘Semi-Subliminal’ recordings to use throughout the day
We will also specifically explore:
how to communicate with your Unconscious Mind
how to tap into your Intuition and Inner Wisdom
how to be confident and calm whenever you want to be
how to use self-hypnosis to enter meditative states rapidly (hypno-meditation)
how to learn easily

Entry Requirements: Open to all.
Venue: Crich, Derbyshire

Dates: TBA - please enquire
Investment: only £147 or
Early Booking rate only £127!

Due to the small group size please book early to be assured of your place.
As well the two full days of training you’ll receive a comprehensive course manual, with sample scripts, which will be a valuable resource for you after the course.
Frank Daniels has been working as a Hypnotherapist and UKCP (NLP) Psychotherapist since 1987. He is also a trained Coach, Certified  INLPTA registered NLP Trainer (with 28 years experience), NLP Coach Trainer and business trainer. ‘Learn Self-Hypnosis’ was the first course he started teaching, 31 years ago.
Testimonials from previous course participants

“Thank you, Frank, for a very informative course, I have definitely taken a lot away from today.”  Louis Mok, GP
““Learned new skills to go into trance successfully.”  Teresa Warr, Social Worker
Really enjoyed this weekend – I got so much more out of it than I expected.”  Julie Spencer, Business Manager, NHS
“Excellent course. Really enjoyed it. Although a lot of the theory wasn’t new to me, the assisted practical exercises were invaluable. Would definitely recommend the course and Frank to other people. Wouldn’t change anything!”  Valerie Everitt, Hypnotherapist
“Great short course for personal development and great for the purpose of achieving something specific.”  Karen Sutton-Johal, Property Developer & Wealth Consultant
During the course you’ll start designing your own suggestions, with individual attention, to make sure you go home from the course with the core of your own personal self-hypnotic script already completed.
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