Terms & Conditions

In the following “we” and “our” refer to Frank Daniels Associates.

1. Payment Options: Courses can be paid in full on booking. Many courses have the option of paying by a deposit on booking and the balance by 10 days prior to the course.
Deposits are:
NLP Core Skills Seminar or NLP Diploma Course Module 2 £25
NLP Diploma 4-day Course £50
NLP Coaching Diploma 6-day Course £75
NLP Coaching Diploma Course Module 3 £50
NLP Practitioner Course £100
The Language of Influence Seminar £50
Self-Hypnosis Course £25
Words That Change Minds £75

The NLP Practitioner Course and NLP Master Practitioner Course can also be paid by an agreed upon monthly instalment plan.

2. Money-Back Guarantee of Satisfaction: Nearly all our courses come with a money-back guarantee. If you were to be dissatisfied with the course or part course you have attended, let us know within the time frame detailed for that course and we will refund all moneys paid in full.

3. Cancellation Fees
The fees for courses whether paid in full or by split payment or payment plan arrangement, are for the whole course. If full payment has not been made upon booking it is still due by the agreed upon date(s).

If you cancel your booking:

Fees may be transferred to the next equivalent course at our discretion (carries admin. fee).

4. Delivery of Courses: We aim to provide each course on the dates advertised and booked. We reserve the right to change the published delivery dates, times, venue, training material and/or trainer.

We reserve the right to decline bookings and to cancel seminars.

In the unlikely event of us cancelling a course that has yet to start, a full refund of any moneys paid by you to us for that course will be given. If a published course of more than one day were to be cancelled after the start date of that course and before the completion date, pre-paid course fees will be refunded in full minus the value of the parts of that course that have already been delivered by us.

We shall not be liable for any loss, costs, damages, or expenses caused directly or indirectly by any cancellation or delay in the delivery or change of venue of any seminar or course.

5. Concessions: Concessions e.g. for those on low income, are available for most courses. Please enquire.

6. Privacy Policy – We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

7. Frank Daniels Associates is a Partnership. The Partnership UTR is 27670 63851.



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